Vision Woodworking


At Vision Woodworking, we believe that listening is the key to success. Without good communication, we cannot begin to work as a team to provide our clients with professionalism and service.

Listening doesn’t stop once a project begins. It permeates the entire creative and manufacturing process. We are determined to do more for our customers and our history of meeting and surpassing the needs of our customers from design to installation. We use the finest quality materials and highly trained craftsmen to complete each job. In addition, we utilize the most innovative technologies to guarantee a world-class product.


Every client brings a different challenge and a different vision of what kind of environment they want to create. Vision does more for you by providing world-class, one-stop design, production, and delivery services to keep you on time and within budget.


We create fixtures with flare and function because design is only as good as the function it provides. After your concept is approved, we will begin the design process.


Our Team is responsible for maintaining good communication between the client and every team that will have a hand in the project. You're guaranteed the finest quality products and the most highly trained craftsmen, coupled with innovative technologies.


How your product gets there is just as important as how it looks! When you work with our team, you can trust it will get there on time, on budget, and safely. We take great care to make sure your products arrive safe and sound.


Once the final touches are made, it’s time to see the finished product in your space. We provide installations with our in-house installer for non-union projects  and have trusted partners for any union install.



Vision Woodworking offers a wide array of products we can customize to your specifications. We take pride in the quality of our work, and we take pride in using quality materials.

The materials we work with include:

  • Wood and Veneer
  • Laminates and Melamines
  • Solid Surface
  • Paint and Staining
  • Lighting (UL 65 Certified)
  • Metals, acrylics, glass, and more!

Bring Your Vision to Life

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