Vision Woodworking is an innovative company that creates and transforms the imagination into reality. The Bees knees.

From displays to full interiors, Vision captures elegance and highend precision.

We do more for our clients, and more for the environment. We use green products and methods for our custom builds.

So remarkable, some of our designs look like they came from the future.

We make wood bend to our will.

Vision, more than a name, it defines the way we work.

At Vision Woodworking, we create custom displays and full interiors with flare and function.

Collaboration is the key to successful creations. To start, we follow your direction. We actively listen to your unique perspective for your space. Through the give and take of good communication, we move the process from design to installation. From all aspects of creative to manufacturing, we're proud of our ability to do more for our customers.

We use the finest quality materials and the most highly-trained craftsmen. Plus, by using innovative technology and green building processes, you get high-end quality made with the future of our world in mind. We take pride in conscientious craftsmenship for your displays and interiors.

We want to be your single source for quality service and superior workmanship.

Let us do more for you.


Creating beautiful environments.

From concept to engineered drawing and programming, all the way to the shop floor.
Store in-a-box, full roll outs, and one-time custom. We do it all.


Vision does more for you by providing world-class, one-stop design, production and delivery services to keep you on time and on budget. From design concepts to budget issues, we are concerned with every detail.

"Every client brings a different challenge, a different vision of what kind of environment they want to create."

Engineering & Design

Next we view the project from every angle and include all the details to begin with a strong, viable plan for world-class results. We strive for beauty and keep space function top-of-mind.

"The most innovative technology in the world can't take the place of good communication skills. Our three-dimensional perspective capabilities are especially helpful when a customer needs a realistic idea of how their project will look when completed."


Our craftsmen take exceptional care with each and every aspect of projects. By using the finest quality products and the most highly trained craftsmen, coupled with innovative technologies, you're guaranteed a world-class product.

"Production has the responsibility to maintain good communication between the client and every team that will have a hand in the project. From production meetings and scheduling, to quality controls and customer expectations, we know the final word rests with us."


Putting on the final touches completes the look of your space. That's why we provide a full-service painting and finishing option for all our products.

"We understand the importance of each function of our shop delivering at the highest possible level."


Vision Woodworking provides installations, both union and non-union services can be provided. We use installers we personally know and trust, they are available nationwide.

"Our installation team travels fast. We can guarantee that everything goes smoothly. There's no need for further inspections and all local codes are met. And we still listen for further changes that need to be made after the initial installation."


We take great care to make sure your products arrive safe and sound. Because of our extensive experience and high standards, we follow strict guidelines to ensure your products get to their destination just the way they left our facilities.

"We ship our products via air-ride truck, airfreight, and locally by panel truck. Because so many of our products are fragile, our challenge is to package and load them so that each product arrives just as it was prior to packaging."



What we do

Whatever the size of your project, we have the versatility and comprehensive range of professional services to meet your needs. We will make sure that you are treated with the same respect and care as our own employees, our most valuable asset. Our services are always competitively priced and our attention to detail will help keep your project on budget and on time.


The future is here. You don't need to be restricted by traditional lines and angles. We make solid surface bend at our will and create for you the design of your dreams.

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In retail, the space and display need to be attractive and interactive, achieving an environment that's beautiful and practical. Customers are drawn to the merchandise and can easily get at what they want on our custom designed store fixtures.

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Your space is a reflection of your business and conveys a strong presence. Customers know what you're about just walking through the door. Employees enjoy a space where they're comfortable enough to do their best work.

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Banking Fixtures

Solidify your branding image by carrying the same elements through all the pieces of your space. It's so subtle customers never notice because everything comes together to streamline the banking experience.

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Salon Fixtures specifically design to maximize a salon's retail sales potential through a multi-functional retail fixture system and space design.

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Taking an empty space and filling it with gorgeous displays and attractive lighting draws in your customers. When the right elements are brought together -- lighting, color, texture and perspective -- who can resist?

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Going to a restaurant is an event. With the right atmosphere, customers marvel as much at the food as the setting. Become the hippest place to eat where dining out is an experience.

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Vision Woodworking offers a wide array of products that can be customized to your specifications. We take pride in the quality of our work and we take pride in using quality materials.

We use highly functioning recycled materials. Vision Woodworking uses Glass, Acrylic, Fabric, Wallcovering, Metal, Wiring and Lighting. And oh, by the way we are UL Certified!

So if your project needs to incorporate lighting, and electrical outlets - we can do that!
We also use quartz, granites and other stones.

Metal laminates come with a phenolic backer or just metal to avoid lines. Used in creative applications for accents and entire projects. Can be used as wall panels, displays, fixtures, office environments and furniture. Its uses are endless and several brands to choose from.

Metal Component Parts

Metal component parts, we can provide the component metal parts your project needs.
We will even source Tin Roof if your project specifies it!

Vision Woodworking is certified for solid surface for just about any brand under the sun. Solid surface is a non-porous low-maintenance surface. It is also perfect for areas that need to be bacteria resistant. The nature of this product is perfect for institutional applications. Solid surface is manufactured by mixing acrylic or polyester resin with Stone (Bauxite) and pigments. It can mimic the appearance of stone, wood and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined invisibly by a skilled craftsman at Vision Woodworking.

American Made

We are one of the few Thermoformers of Solid Surface in the USA! No over-seas sourcing is needed. Your project can be made-to-order giving you shorter lead times and much higher quality. We have mastered this European look, all Made in the USA!

From natural wood of every species to medium density fiberboard and particle boards we use it all. If you need a stained or painted natural wood, Vision Woodworking can give you the old world craftsman charm and quality. If your project is casework or high end millwork, from displays to store fixtures or anything in-between. We have the experience you are looking for!

We use and source a multitude of laminates and melamines. Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite, Nevamar, Laminart, Abet Laminati just to name a few. Our suppliers have readily available commodity colors. Custom melamine can be ordered to match your project in most situations. Melamine brands are different, however the colors can be cross referenced and the laminate paper brands can be used. The uses for laminates and melamines are endless. There are even laminates available with color all the way through.

Vision Woodworking has a very fine paint facility developed ahead of its time. We can achieve the finest quality that is environmentally friendly. We can completely close the facility off and flood the floors to get the finest dust free environment. We grind our own pigments, and can stain or paint match any color you are looking for!


We care for the environment. Through ever-changing
production efforts, we see green.

Vision Woodworking Offices Vision Woodworking uses recycled and sustainable products


Vision Woodworking, Inc. contributes to the following charitable organizations in our community: Hennepin Technical College, Second Harvest Food Shelf, and to many wildlife organizations.

Let us do more for you

At Vision Woodworking, we believe that listening is the key to success. For without the benefit of good communications, we cannot begin to work as a team to provide our clients with professionalism and service.

Listening doesn't stop once a project begins. It permeates the entire creative and manufacturing process. We are determined to do more for our customers and our history of meeting and surpassing the needs of our customers from design to installation. We use the finest quality materials and highly trained craftsmen to complete each job. In addition, we utilize the most innovative technologies to guarantee a world-class product.

Vision Woodworking - We See Green - Caring for the environment


Vision Woodworking was established in March 1994, in Roseville, Minnesota, by owner Donald Gamboni. After selling his interest in another successful millwork and store fixture business, Donald decided to start a new manufacturing enterprise - Vision Woodworking, Inc. He hired John Jarrett and together they went to work to find employees, projects and a space to rent. Together they set out creating a presence in bank interiors and kiosk markets.

International business was secured with the same national retailer of the kiosk contract.


Staff from both companies collaborate as Vision Woodworking relocates to the permanent building of Minnegold Store Fixture Company in Fridley, Minnesota.


Innovative with technology, Vision Woodworking began to expand into Thermoforming Solid Surface in May 2007.

On December 14, 2009, Vision Woodworking acquired IWP (Industrial Wood Products) in Bloomington, Minnesota, for a sound customer base that added full line panel processing capabilities to Vision Woodworking's facility.

New Building #3 was purchased in November 2011 for additional space, finished goods and raw material storage.


Warehouse space was rented in April 1995 to become a full service Millwork and Store Fixture producer. This allowed enough space to secure a kiosk contract with a large national retailer.

Operations purchased Minnegold Store Fixture Company in July 1997, where Don Gamboni worked as a production worker and shop foreman in the 1970's!

October 1999, Vision Woodworking purchased a building across the street to add roll-out capabilities.

Deemed worthy and dependable, the company secured national and international business with thermoforming for a high end retailer. From that stage, Vision Woodworking expanded into other solid surface applications with different clients.

We are UL Certified.


On time and on budget are priorities.

Reliable project management and engineering teams to get it right the first time.

Keeping honesty a priority in all facets of the company.


Inspired by Social Networking, the company decided to upgrade the website to better represent its personality and capabilities in December 2011.

New business is always welcome, contact us today!

Globally growing from Fridley, Minnesota.

2012 and beyond!